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3 Signs That You Need to Hire a Wedding Planner

There are so many benefits to hiring extra help, support & guidance to plan such a huge, important occasion like your wedding.

But there are some key signs that you may really need to hire a wedding planner to take on your vision and involve a team of suppliers to make that vision a reality. It takes a whole lot of work, knowledge & experience to make a wedding truly spectacular.

Sign 1

You've been engaged for a while and haven't booked or planned much

This is the biggest sign in the world that you need a wedding planner, and it's the most common barrier to planning your wedding that I hear.

Having children, busy jobs and a calendar full of gym sessions, bike rides, trips away, kids hobbies and everything in between, it can leave little time or energy to really focus on doing the research, arranging appointments and actually booking venues and suppliers as well as finding your dream dress, maanging your guestlist and relaying all of the information to every party involved.

Sign 2

Your venue is dry-hire and/or doesn't have a coordinator

This means there will be noone present to organise things from the venue side.

This means no montoring timings, overseeing setup, relaying to the catering teams on numbers, dietary requirements or even smaller details such as how you would like to be served your drinks following your ceremony.

The biggest missing piece here is the coordination of your ceremony and ensuring you & your bridal party walk down the aisle to your chosen song just at the right moment. If there is no one to do all of this for you at the venue, then you may benefit from my On the Day Management service.

Sign 3

You have lots of ideas, or just one big idea for your celebrations, but you don't know which suppliers to book or how to create it all.

This is where having specific wedding industry knowledge and a great base of supplier contacts can really help you, which only comes from a wedding planner with tons of experience running weddings, who knows exactly the logistical requirements to make your vision into a tangible, beautiful plan.

To find out more about my logistical wedding coordination background head to the Free Bird About webpage.

For lots more information on booking a wedding planner in Manchester or Cheshire, then I'd love to hear all about your ideas and your visions for your special day and how I could help you bring them to life, head to the link above!


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