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I'm Chloe, and I'm the face behind Free Bird Wedding & Events.

It's lovely to meet you! Here are some facts about me to break the ice...

  • I'm a huge animal lover...I have a little sausage dog called Jax, he's my little ride or die! I especially love dogs at weddings, they're a must in my eyes!

  • I have been a Vegetarian for 7 years and intend to transition to Veganism soon (but I'm not preachy at all, promise! You do you!)

  • I'm really into music and I don't spend long in any room without it, anything from soul & blues to country to metal to 90's Trance, I listen to anything! My friends will attest to my diverse music taste, which runs with my mood!

  • In contrast to the above, I'm a total hopeless romantic, I get really emotional when I see my couples take their first looks at each other on their wedding day. That's when you truly realise that love is definitely just love.​​

  • Best place I've ever been? Kenya, hands down. 

Scroll down to read about my work background & where I began my love for weddings & events.

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My Background

I've worked at some truly unique venues across the last 7 years. 

From barns like Styal Lodge to luxury boutique hotels like King Street Townhouse, to marquees at The Woodman Inn to city centre urban spaces like Fairfield Social Club.

I absolutely love to work at venues that exude their own style without the need for too much dressing or personality adding to make them beautiful.

I've also had the pleasure of working at some cool, alternative brands like The Alchemist and when I was much younger I worked as a Chalet host in France and TUI Travel Rep in Turkey, which was so much fun.

And to top all of that off, I have a qualification from The UK Association of Wedding Planners, which teaches the highest quality wedding planning business practices in the country.

Thus, all of this has created my extensive knowledge base, obsessional eye for exacting detail and passion for planning incredible weddings and events that are designed with you at the epicentre. 


Your celebrations should warmly invite your guests to see your personalities shine through your wedding design, and that comes with intentional, beautiful and knowledgable planning.

Scroll down to read about where I got my love and passion for weddings from!

It all started in 2011...

I hadn't yet realised it, but I was about to discover my passion!

Pictured on the left is my beautiful Mum, Helen on her wedding day in 2011 on New Year's Eve.

As an 18 year old and wanting things to be perfect for her, I started helping her plan her wedding as she was finding it all really stressful.

Realising on the day itself that she was attempting to be in several places at once, managing all aspects of setting up while trying to get ready and maintain her sanity (obviously an impossible task!), I stepped in to help.

I organised the suppliers arriving, got Mum ready & down the aisle. Later, I managed all the music and timed the playlist to perfectly match the chime of 12 o'clock as everyone celebrated. I got such a thrill from the pressure, a skill I knew would come in handy one day.

For more information on my company ethos, please head to the Ethos page at the link.

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