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3 new-to-me alternative wedding suppliers that you need to know about

While I have a great base of supplier contacts lovingly curated over the last 6 years, I absolutely love discovering new companies or people who are doing, making things that are standing out from the crowd.

You couples want your wedding to be unique, and in turn it allows us wedding professionals to be more creative and subsequently produce extraordinary weddings, which is good for everyone and our amazing industry.

So, without further ramblings, I've selected 3 suppliers to big up to you who I think are super cool.

1. Rock N Roll Souls

I’ve been searching for some new exciting stationery, signage and bright colours for a long while, and finally here it is. I met Amy at an alternartive wedding fair a few weeks ago and was instantly drawn to her bright, cool designs.

Not too retro that it becomes tacky, but genuinely beautifully crafted designs that appeal right to the rockers and the colour lovers in us.

Amy does most of her work bespoke to each couple, be that theming it around where you met, your favourite activities or even the love of particular bands, you name it and this gal does it.

My instant favourite from her collection is the gig ticket invitations with the handy QR code on that links you to the couple’s website or rsvp email. Just so cool.

If this is what you’ve been waiting for, then head to the website to enquire.

Photography by @ayeshaphoto

2. Lauren Mizon Bespoke Veils

Now this was a totally random Insta find when I was drowning in a good bridal accessory profile who could provide something a little more alternative. Wow was I blown away.

I’m not generally a girly girl or just a general wedding fanatic (I am ha), veils do not normally excite me at all if I’m honest.

This time was stop-you-in-your-tracks vibes. I couldn’t look away. Sold. Take my money.

Each veil is bespoke, in case you hadn’t read the name properly, with some being ombre black to white, embroidered phrases, names, dates… the possibilities are endless.

What caught my eye immediately was the Tattoo Veil…. Oh. My… Obsessed.

Check out Lauren’s collection at the insta link @laurenmizon.bespokeveils

3. Horseshoe Flowers

A dried flower design studio that really packs a punch, and with over 15k followers it seems I’m pretty late to the party! These are the artists behind the backdrops of the Charlotte Mills Shoe company, always serving girly, wildflower meadow installations to ensure the shoes stand out

What’s pretty unique about this company is the fact that they offer delivery on orders to the UK, meaning anyone can have dried blooms on their special day.

Having dried flowers at your wedding is not only on-trend and provides flowers that you can treasure for many years to come, they are also much more sustainable than fresh flowers. Tick, tick, tick, boom.

Check out their amazing floral filled website for more incredible style inspo.

Photography by @stellafotos & @jenny.janehewson

So, that's my 3 most stand-out Manchester and North West wedding suppliers for January, I'll be picking my next spotlight suppliers over February & March so stay tuned for more stunning inspo that is also sustainable and won't break your wedding budget!

If you're looking for a Manchester-based Wedding Planner to provide you with the coolest, most unique, sustainable wedding suppliers, manage the whole planning process for you and liaise with them before the day, so you can make the most of the run up to your best day ever, then pop me a message over on my website to get started today at the link - Manchester Wedding Planner.

Looking forward to chatting with you!

Chloe x


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