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Why am I a Wedding Planner?

3 reasons below that give you an insight into why I love what I do and have made it my career.

Okay so here you have them...

1. I have the ability to be calm & cool in any situation

Ever since I helped my stressed out Mum liaise with her arriving suppliers, finish last touches and do the evening music on her wedding day, I've had a passion for ensuring each and every wedding I have been involved in has received the highest level of attention to detail and sincere and dedicated care for the finer and personal elements, knowing full well that there is only one chance for everything to go perfectly on the day. Keeping calm is the key to ensuring not only that everyone else is also the same, but that decisions and communication can be delivered most efficiently.

Take a look in more detail here at my beautiful Mum on her wedding day.

For you as a couple that means you will get 110% of my energy, ideas, support, enthusiasm and dedication at all times, so you have the best possible planning experience, and of course, the most special wedding day possible!

2. I am a logistical wizard

Oh yes. Wand at the ready. And this title isn't self-appointed either, read the real wedding review from Natalie & Nathan to see the proof! 🪄

For example, if you want to fit in a surprise for your other half during the afternoon; you have a band arriving for the evening that no one except you knows about, or you want to do a special family bridal reveal in a tightly-timed preparation morning, then I can figure out a way to make it work for everyone involved including your photographer, so everything feels seemless for you all weekend.

3. Very traditional weddings aren't what I do (sorry)

Chances are if you've come this far you can see that my ethos, my style and the most recent weddings I've produced are not "traditional". What I mean by this term is the below:

  • My couples are free spirits and don't conform to outdated traditions

  • My couples make their weddings personal to them

  • My couples have FUN on their wedding day (you'd be surprised at how many couples forget they need this on their own weddings!)

So choosing me as your wedding planner would mean that I will get behind all your ideas and desires for your celebrations and help you navigate any family members who may not be on your wavelength (this is common, but totally workable).

I love doing different things and seeing couples being themselves through their wedding design, which in turn ensures your wedding will be unforgettable for you and your guests.

Book a totally complimentary & sales-free discovery chat with me to find out how I could help you design your best day ever!

Speak soon!

Chloe x


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