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5 Things to Consider if You've Chosen a Dry-Hire Wedding Venue

dry hire wedding venue

There are always elements of your day that you won't have considered when you have a totally dry-hire wedding venue, and that's okay, there is so much to think about. That's whereyour wedding planner and your suppliers can step in and take away the hard, stressful tasks.

1. Always ensure all of your suppliers are aware of and have confirmed the timings of your wedding at least 2 weeks prior to the day

This is a big one to kick things off with. If your suppliers are not all on the same page as you well in advance of the day, this will only mean that it will be a chaotic setup and stressful for all involved. This is where a coordinator would normally take the reigns for you and liaise with everyone, ensuring they know where & when they are setting up.

Stressed suppliers can mean rushed designs and things like any turnarounds or service may take longer than you want.

dry hire wedding venue

2. Never forget to consider who will be serving your drinks and clearing glasses on the day.

Just because you have caterers, this doesn't mean they will organise, pour and clear up the drinks element throughout the day. It's actually likely that they won't, as they won't have factored in the staff and time to deliver this for you. However, if you don't ask you don't get.

Therefore, when booking your caterer, if your chosen venue do not have staff included, then you must check with them if they are able to bring additional staff members or whether you need to source these yourself. There's nothing worse than warm fizz and heaps of empty glasses or bottles lying around!

dry hire wedding venue

3. Always make sure you & your photographer pick appropriate times for the photos during the day

Most good photographers will have a meeting or a phone call with you in advance to discuss what photos you want to have, when they're happening and will then speak to the venue to confirm all timings and the best areas to have these in if they haven't been to the location before. For the venue, they will prefer this to be carried out during the drinks reception after your ceremony then again after your meal, simply because it ensures your food option is served on time and guests are not kept waiting. This is where the time of year should be considered. If you want sunset couples portraits, then ensure your speeches (if you're having them!) aren't planned for 3pm in December, for example.

If you're ever unsure, be sure to consult with your wedding planner, who can be the middle (wo)man, ensuring everyone involved agrees with and benefits from the chosen timings.

dry hire wedding venue

4. You have a totally blank canvas with your venue and potentially the drinks/food options you could have, so choose wisely and do something unique!

From decor options to the catering, you can have potentially anything you like, where budget and logistics allow of course.

Use your imagination and bring out your venue's full potential, look at alternative and more unusual wedding suppliers on instagram, or ask me for my recommended list of venue dressers, florists, etc. I can also design a moodboard for you and create all of your wedding day signs.

For food & drinks options, you could simply choose a selection of your favourite seasonal drinks and what you both love to eat, let me know and I could comprise you a list of the very best options and advise how this could be delivered for you within your venue.

dry hire wedding venue

5. And with number 4 in mind, always make sure you communicate with your planner or coordinator on who and what you are booking

You must always consider the space available, the time things take to setup and the layout of everything within your venue.

The best person to consult on your floorplans, timings for setup of certain elements, for example a children's creche, is your wedding planner. A creche or play area for small children is a great idea if you know there will be lots of little ones, but you can't book one unless certain things are considered first.

Ultimately for these types of wedding venues, hiring a wedding planner to manage things on the day is crucial. You will need someone to organise all suppliers, your carefully designed venue layout and of course overseeing the service of drinks & food, right down to ensuring glasses are polished & drinks garnishes are all chopped the same and served the same. I'd check every single seat in the ceremony room and check every place setting is identical. Attention to detail is paramount and unrivalled and I am proud of it!

For more details on my services and brochure, feel free to pop me an email to, or check out my website at for more!

dry hire wedding venue

Photographs by Sarah Glynn Photography

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