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10 Quick-Fix Ways to make your Wedding more Sustainable

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1. Choose local suppliers who don't have to travel far to your venue, saving those valuable carbon miles.

Important suppliers like florsits & photographers are key, and should also know your venue anyway so they can recommend the best styles & shots and the easiest process of setup and de-rig the day after, which eases any worries for you.

2. Source your florals from a local florist who uses UK grown or locally grown blooms. This not only reduces energy usage & obvious excess carbon emissions from transporting them into the country, but it means you can be proud to have beautiful British flowers for your wedding.

Wedding planner manchester

3. Hire props & decor in using local companies instead of buying that huge wooden barrel or milk pales that you will only use once

4. Create instead of buying. Things like confetti, favours, bunting & hoops like the ones above, can all be made by you, and can be a really fun activity for you and your tribe. Not to mention a good excuse for a coffee and a natter on a Sunday!

You then have the choice & control to select the materials you use, giving you the chance to consider less single use plastic and excess packaging used in deliveries.

Wedding planner manchester

5. Get married in the UK, preferrably near to where you both live (if possible!), inevitably saving on travel miles for you and your guests. This is also a simple tip for easy planning in general, as you can readily visit your venue for meetings and to size up spaces for decor and tablescape planning.

6. Order stationery made by UK designers using recycled paper, card and that comes in recyclable packaging.

If you're set on physical invites, ensure you pop an instruction for your guests too so they recycle them.

7. Do digital invites. I know this may sound a bit tacky, but there are loads of options out there, plus it is also the most cost-effective way to invite your nearest & dearest to your day.

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8. Do as many virtual meetings as possible with your suppliers. Ok, so maybe not your cake tasting or your venue visits to measure up, but you'll have lots of catch up meetings with your planner, venue, photographer, etc., who will be able to relay details just as well over Zoom, and let's face it, we're all used to this by now aren't we.

Fun meetings like site visits, florist tasters and gigs are of course mandatory to road-test your suppliers while also having fun planning your dream day, but little meetings can stay digital reducing carbon emissions.

9. Try ordering small decor items and little bits & bobs from the same supplier. This reduces the need for 7 different deliveries in one week all coming from various corners of the country. Seems pretty self-explanatory.

Things like name cards, signs for the guestbook and photobooth, drinks and food menus can be all matched to your stationery so can all be made & posted by one supplier.

Favours, table treats and sweet stations again, can normally be created by one company.

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10. My final quick fix tip - don't worry about being perfect.

It's impossible to have a wedding that is completely carbon neutral and totally green.

It's all about each of us doing little things and making small changes that will make a big difference to the wedding sector in general, and hopefully the world eventually.

The idea is to give easy tips & help so that we can all enjoy our incredible planet and hand it over to the next generation in a better condition than how we found it in.

For more information on how I could help you plan a sustainable wedding, please get in touch by clicking the link.

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wedding planner manchester


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