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Have you thought of... how to repurpose floral & decor displays throughout your wedding day?

You may think that you have to have separate displays of floral arrangements and decor for each part of your wedding, say if you're having a ceremony in a different space or location surely you can't reuse those flower arrangements and aisle feature in your reception space?

Well guys & gals, you most certainly can with the right planning and supplier support.

Firstly, if you've already chosen your florist, stylist & planner, then speak to them. If you haven't, speak to your wedding planner who can advise the best suppliers to go to.

This one is all about getting the right support for your requirements through the amazing connections that your planner will have. This will mean you will be getting incredible wedding suppliers but potentially reducing the cost of your decor & floral displays.

Next step, have a really good consultation meeting with your florist and stylists.

This seems like a fairly obvious one right? But, make sure you don't just go straight in with "well we want it as cheap as possible", because well that's only going to mean you'll receive the base quote or package, and possibly not gain a well-planned and considered setup for your wedding. It's so important that you work with your suppliers and not against them, at the end of the day, they love what they do and want to do the very best for every couple.

Your ceremony is in a different location to your reception, how do you transfer your florals and decor safely?

Let's be realistic, if you're having a church wedding that's 5 miles from your reception venue, it may be impossible to move large displays at all. You may be able to reuse large lanterns, candles and other easily movable decor to your reception venue, if you have someone nominated to collect everything up and bring it across, but a lot of the time it makes more sense and takes less effort to leave it and just have something fresh done at your reception venue.

If it's possible, try to have each supplier present on the day to move any floral arrangements or decor displays themselves.

You may have to add extra onto your invoice for this, however it will mean if you don't have a dedicated wedding coordinator & team there to move those things for you then you'll definitely have to have someone professional to move it all carefully, however most venues do have a wedding coordinator present, so they can help on the day where required.

Lastly, ask your florist to make each ceremony meadow or arrangement small enough to be placed as a table centrepiece if you're having round tables.

This can work beautifully if you plan it well. 8 tables means you can have 8 meadows down your aisle maybe interspersed with candles to give an extravagant effect. Then after the ceremony, they are moved onto the middle of your wedding breakfast tables. A really easy & simple way to reuse key floral pieces in an effective, stunning design.

If you find yourself panicking about any of the above or feeling like you're not sure if you have the support you need to make all your ceremony dreams come true, then please get in touch either by email to or at my website free bird wedding planning which is full of information about me, my ethos and some amazing words from past couples.

Also, follow me on insta @freebird.weddings for all my latest real weddings and creative shoots for inspiration for your own wedding!

Photography by @cassandralanephoto / @sarahglynnphotography


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