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Planning a Beautiful Sharing Style Wedding Breakfast Tablescape | Manchester Wedding Planner

The scale & variety of wedding venues in Manchester is just incredible. However, this can lead to couples feeling overwhelmed and under-advised when choosing how to style their own, especially when you're not having a traditional 3 course plated meal. I'm here today to alleviate your worries on this!

The clues in which direction to go in depend on your style, your venues style and the shape of your tables. Every tiny detail plays a part in creating a memorable dining experience.

In this blog, I'll explore the art of crafting the best wedding tablescape for both round and long tables, ensuring a perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality.

You'll soon create a wedding breakfast tablescape of your own just like any Manchester wedding planner, where detailed decor harmonises with the seamless sharing of delicious food, creating the most incredible atmosphere for your guests on your wedding day.

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Choosing the right table shape

Before diving into decor, decide on the table shape that suits your venue and style. If you have a choice, even better, but most venues have either one or the other, to suit the venue's proportions and style.

Round tables foster an intimate atmosphere, while long tables encourage a communal feel. Mix and match if you have both, creating a dynamic and visually appealing setup. You could have a sweetheart table as your top table, then a combination of longs & rounds across your wedding breakfast area.

Again, your venue and wedding planner can advise the best setup according to your seating plans and space available.

Centerpieces & Considered Placement

Start with confirmation of what spaces on your tables you have to play with once food dishes are considered. You may opt for a stunning central piece or more interspersed clusters that compliment your wedding theme.

For round tables, consider a lush floral arrangement or a cluster of candles in varying heights. Long tables can benefit from a garland of greenery, interspersed with flowers and unique ornaments.

Remember to consider where your sharing dishes will be placed and consider pairing back some decor to accommodate those spaces. This should be a conversation shared with your caterer and wedding planner / coordinators, so you don't have all the burden of planning this element.

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Personalised Place Settings

Make each guest feel special with personalised place settings such as elegant name cards tied to small favors or greenery, add a thoughtful touch. For round tables, individual settings can be more elaborate, while long tables offer an opportunity for a cohesive, streamlined look.

The most important element here is the name for the guest, which could be transferred onto an embroidered napkin, placed onto a label of a miniature bottle of homemade gin, or painted onto a piece of shaped glass, a shell, a wood slice... the possibilities are endless, but make sure to keep it all personal to you & your wedding theme.

Functional and Stylish Table Runners

Enhance the tables with stylish runners that serve both aesthetic and practical purposes. Opt for a cohesive color & texture scheme to ensure maximum wow effect. Ensure the runners are wide enough to accommodate serving dishes and tableware without overwhelming the space.

Linen and cheesecloth runners are normally the most effective, as the material is fairly thin so doesn't look chunky on top of the table, but it also creases and delicately ripples along the table, providing heaps of texture and beauty.

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Food-Friendly Design

Arrange your decor strategically to leave enough space for serving dishes. On round tables, I would recommend a cluster of bud vases, taper candles and tealights to create spaces without looking cluttered but providing easy access to the dishes for all guests. For long tables, create designated spaces for family-style servings along each, ensuring everyone can reach their favorite dishes effortlessly without knocking anything over!

Clever Signage for Menus

Keep the focus on the food by incorporating clever signage for your menu. Mini chalkboards or elegant acrylic signs can be positioned strategically on each table if you'd like just one per table. Or if you're giving each guest a personalised menu, this can be tied beautifully to their name card or item, sitting atop a charger plate or folded napkin, adding huge amouts of detail to your tablescape design.

Consider grouping menu items by course or theme to add an extra layer of charm.

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Overhead Ambiance with Lighting:

Enhance the atmosphere with carefully chosen lighting. Each wedding breakfast should have dimmed lights to allow the candlelight to shine and create that fantastic atmosphere.

For round tables, consider hanging individual pendant lights or a chandelier for a touch of luxury. Long tables can be adorned with overhanging fairy or festoon lights and depending on your style, draped with soft fabrics to create a dreamy ambiance. High ceiling rooms are perfect for this kind of draping, which is becoming extremely popular, especially in more industrial venues where the architecture cries out for some softening with textured fabrics.

Considerate Seating Arrangements

Plan your seating arrangements with care. Ensure that guests have enough elbow room, especially on long tables. Consider mixing up seating arrangements to encourage socialising and create a dynamic, lively atmosphere.

You could even add a small, fun quiz to each table, inviting them to get to know one another and other guests as well as details about you both to win a small prize.

Creating the best wedding tablescape for round and long tables is all about balance – a harmonious blend of decor, functionality, and consideration for your guests' dining experience. With these tips, you're well on your way to designing a breathtaking setting that will leave a lasting impression on everyone fortunate enough to share in your special day. Happy tablescaping!

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