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Have you thought of... how your ceremony entrance will work for a Bride and/or Groom?

Something that often no one considers until the very last minute, causing panic and chaos in your wedding plans! Read my 5 tips for a truly romantic, atmospheric wedding ceremony.

First of all this is an extremely important detail, that if missed, can mean you walk in before the song has really got going, or towards the end when the best part has already gone, meaning you totally lose the effect and atmosphere you want to ooze in the room on your entrance.

We all want our Grooms or Brides to cry when seeing us walk up the aisle, am I right?

To achieve this, you need to ensure you do several things...

Plan and consider every detail of your ceremony with your wedding planner way in advance so that there is someone else taking care of this for you on the day

No bride or groom wants to be preparing for their ceremony minutes before walking down the aisle, it's too stressful and totally takes away from the most romantic moment of your life.

Choose a really emotive song that has a great cruxendo in the middle

You can use this to add that extra element of drama and movie-moment feeling to give your other half goosebumps! Your wedding planner can advise of the best songs for this based on your personal preferences, we've heard a lifetimes worth of songs over the years, so we know what songs work best and which do not.

Listen to the song over and over until you work out where your cruxendo moment is

Only then can you begin to plan timings and spaces of bridesmaids with your wedding planner.

Make sure you trust the person who is doing the music for your ceremony!

Nothing can ruin a ceremony more than badly played, poorly timed music, so make sure you have a plan of action, your wedding planner or coordinator has control and you can then fully focus on the most amazing moment of your life, happening in the next few minutes.

Choose background music for before the ceremony begins

This will set the scene beautifully for your guests to enter, giving chills to the whole room, building suspense and excitement for the upcoming ceremony.

If you find yourself panicking about any of the above or feeling like you're not sure if you have the support you need to make all your ceremony dreams come true, then pop me an email to and I'll be able to make those feelings vanish, and replace them with feelings of excitement!

Your dream wedding ceremony is only an email away!


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