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Wedding Planning Checklist - 6 Months to Go | Planning a Wedding in Manchester

As your wedding day approaches, the excitement and anticipation build. With six months to go, it's crucial to stay organised and on top of your planning.

So I decided to create a comprehensive checklist to ensure you're on track for a seamless wedding day.

Plus, we'll discuss when it’s ideal to seek the expertise of a wedding planner to handle those final details, logistics, and additional events surrounding your special day, where you simply don't have time or don't want to have to think about these tasks before your wedding day.

planning a wedding in manchester

Finalise Your Guest List and Send Your Invitations

If you haven't sent Save the Dates already, now is the time to finalise your guest list. Ensure you have all addresses and send out your main invitations. This gives your guests ample time to make travel arrangements, book accommodation and get excited about your wedding.

In my opinion, the task of sending invites out to your guests should be thought of and planned before the 6 month mark (unless you're having a shot gun wedding!), as the whole process of actually sending your invites out can be tricky and fiddly if you're doing it yourself.

If you're struggling with this element or you're not sure when or how to do this, I offer a Stationery service that's personalised to each of my couples. For more information and to take a look at what's involved, tap at the link.

Secure Your Suppliers

By this stage, you should have already booked your venue, photographer, florist and caterer. If not, don't panic, just make this a priority.

Additionally, finalise contracts with your florist, entertainment, AV, and any other key suppliers as well as your Bridalwear if you are wanting a dress from a designer, as they can take over 8 months to make and send to your bridal store.

Confirm the specifics and ensure you’re clear on payment schedules and what each supplier is responsible for and/or is providing for you by obtaining invoices and contracts with breakdowns.

Schedule Attire Fittings

Ensure you schedule your first fitting for your wedding dress and suits & bridesmaid outfits are chosen and ordered.

Remind your bridal party to order & try on their whole outfits too. Consider the time needed for alterations to avoid any last-minute stress.

Plan Your Ceremony and Reception Details

Work with your officiant to plan your ceremony, including any readings, vows, and music. Work with your venue team and planner to decide the best timings for special moments, such as first looks, bridal prep photos and other elements that will shape the morning format as well as the drinks reception and anything following your ceremony.

Your closest support should advise you on exactly how much time to allocate to each element and where it is best for it to take place based upon the best light, distance to ceremony, etc.

For your reception, start thinking about the seating plan, various food & beverage menus, and decor. This is also a great time to think about the special moments, such as toasts or performances that you may be including.

Arrange Transportation and Accommodation

Book transportation for you and your guests. This includes any limousines, buses, taxis or other vehicles needed on the wedding day. Also, block hotel rooms for out-of-town guests as early as possible and provide them with accommodation details including anything they must contribute towards it.

It's a great idea to have one open communication method with all of your guests, such as an email bulletin, wedding website or even a WhatsApp group so that you are sending the same information to all relevant guests at the same time, ensuring everyone knows all the plans.

Start Prepping Your Honeymoon

If you haven’t already, book your honeymoon and ensure your passports are up to date. Begin planning your itinerary and any special activities you’d like to enjoy.

Flights are the most obvious element that will need to be confirmed well in advance, as well as any prestigious hotel rooms or special requirements, like flying Business Class or booking a helicopter transfer.

Source & book Hair & Makeup

This may seem like something you do around 3 months prior to the day, however, you will most likely want to have a few trials first to ensure you are getting the look you want using your preferred products.

During peak months, popular suppliers can be booked up for years, so it's always best to book them as early as possible.

Once you've booked them, share with your bridal party the details and what to expect on the morning of your wedding.

planning a wedding in manchester

When to Get Help from a Wedding Planner

While some couples relish the challenge of planning their wedding, many find the final months leading up to the big day overwhelming and possibly the most stressful part of planning of all.

Here’s when a wedding planner can be invaluable...

Final Details and Logistics

A wedding planner can take the reins on those last-minute details and logistics, ensuring everything is planned to perfection and runs smoothly on the day. They’ll coordinate with your suppliers, create & manage the timeline of setup and the events of the wedding day, handling any unexpected challenges as if it was you doing it yourself, allowing you to enjoy the lead-up to your wedding stress-free.

Guest Management

You will undoubtedly receive some questions from your guests once they have received your invitations and in the months leading up to your wedding day, which is perfectly normal. However, if you have many guests with varying needs and dietary requirements, which must be communicated with your venue, caterers and planner, then this can become a seemingly never ending back & forth until the day.

The best advice here is to request this information from your guests in your invitations and for them to reply/RSVP with plenty of time ahead of the day so that you can hand all of this over to your wedding planner / caterer / venue team in one go. However, in my experience this absolutely never happens this way unfortunately, even with the best will in the world!

The only way to avoid having to deal with that is to hire a wedding planner to take care of it all for you.

Design and Styling

If you need help bringing your vision to life, a wedding planner can provide creative direction and styling plus the knowledge to advise you on how best to do this. They’ll work with you and your venue to design a cohesive look and feel for your wedding, from the ceremony decor to the reception setup. They also often are the ones to ensure this is set up as you envision on the day itself.

Organising Pre and Post Wedding Events

From the rehearsal dinner to the post-wedding brunch, a planner can help organise all the events surrounding your wedding day. This ensures each event is well-coordinated and memorable, allowing you and your guests to relax and celebrate.


With six months to go, there’s still plenty of time to ensure your wedding day is everything you’ve dreamed of. By following this checklist and knowing when to call in a professional, you’ll be well on your way to a beautifully organised celebration. Remember, the goal is to enjoy the process and create lasting memories—so don't hesitate to seek help when needed.

Don't forget - click this link to download my 6 Month Prior Wedding Planning Checklist for your reference to keep you on track and alleviate any worries.

You can even personalise your copy by adding your wedding date!

For general wedding planning tips & advice, visit my Wedding Planner Manchester .

Happy planning!


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