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5 top tips for having a happy dog at your wedding

Having your dog at your wedding is always a yes from me! 🐕🩷

But, it takes planning and organisation if you're to ensure you and your fur baby fully enjoy the day without stress & worry.

Read below for my top tips on having a happy doggy at your wedding! 🐶

Who is going to look after them during the ceremony? Will they be present afterwards? Where do they go during the meal? Do they need to eat during your wedding?

Lots of considerations are required!

It can certainly be something your wedding planner can pull together for you.

I had my Teddy dog at my wedding and it took lots of time and planning to make sure he was well looked after throughout, but that I also got lots of gorgeous photos with him looking super cute in his matching bow tie, so when organised well, any guest can enjoy your special day with you. 🎀

Manchester Wedding Planner

1. Nominate a close family member or your dog's trainer to shaperone them until after the ceremony, keeping them entertained and calm while everyone is busy getting ready.

2. Ensure your wedding venue allows dogs, some unfortunately don't!

3. If your venue has a bridal prep room, then set out your dogs bed, bowls and toys in a quiet corner where they can go to rest or for somewhere cool if it's a hot day

4. Keep your photos short & sweet. As well-behaved as your dog may be, they'll likely be bit stressed by all the activity, so get those cute shots in quick.

5. Once their purpose at your day is over (i.e. to bw present for your nuptials and then some photos afterwards), organise daycare or overnight boarding for them so everyone at your wedding can enjoy themselves late into the evening without worrying about your doggy.

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